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    Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 review (XBLA)

    Review by John Cranston Paul Daniels. David Blaine. Sooty. All experts in the field of magic. But there's one name that surpasses them - Richard Garfield - the man who invented the… Read more

    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier review (Xbox 360)

    Review by John Cranston This week I learned "techno-thriller", while sounding like the title of a Lady Gaga song, is in fact a genre of fiction largely populated by the works of Tom… Read more

    Waterfield Designs PS Vita Case

    Waterfield Designs have crafted no less than three PS Vita cases; the deceptively simply named PS Vita Case, the svelte Suede Jacket and the pocket packed Gear Pouch Pro. By far my… Read more

  • Smash ‘n’ Survive PSN Review

    With Twisted Metal back on the scene and promising buckets of vehicular depravity there has been something of a rush to market with copycat titles seeking to capitalise on its popularity.… Read more

    SONY PS Vita Starter Kit Reviewed

    If, like me, you picked up your PS Vita on the 22nd, you'll no-doubt be looking for a decent case to protect your shiny new bundle of awesome and will probably be in the market for other PS… Read more

    SteelSeries Kana Mouse Review

    Taking a step up from the Kinzu the SteelSeries Kana is the middle-ground of SteelSeries gaming mice, representing the balance of price and features that will suit most gamers. Dubbed "The… Read more

    SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Mouse Review

    Gaming mice are great, but they're called gaming mice for a reason. They're geared heavily towards gaming, tend to be bristling with buttons and are often quite bulky and not overly suited to… Read more

    SoulCalibur V review (PS3)

    Review by John Cranston Welcome back to the stage of history, a time when combat was civilised and men, women and monsters fought each other with swords and sticks, not their bare… Read more

  • Dungeon Defenders PS3 Reviewed

    It's no secret among gamers that some of the greatest titles around come from some of the most unlikely places. I need not mention Minecraft, but I will. And if you want to get PS3-specific,… Read more

  • Startech USB to HDMI and DVI Adaptors Reviewed

    USB to video adaptors have been on my to-do list for a while, and I've finally got 'round to getting my hands on a couple. They are the Startech USB2DVIE2 and the Startech USB2HDMI. Let me… Read more