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If you’ve got products you want Gadgetoid to cover, or wish to get in touch with us regarding advertising, competitions or any other marketing/promotional issues then you need only drop an email to Phil at

Mission Statement is all about gadgets, as you might have guessed from the name. But not just small gadgets like mp3 players and cameras, we cover anything that could be even remotely considered a gadget, or “Gadgetoid” if you will.

Our target audience is 20+ year olds with money to spend, people exactly like us who most likely work in I.T. and earn a fair living; enough to support their love of all things “Gadgetoid”.

With about half of our technically orientated colleagues producing music in some form or another we realised buy ativan tablets that a site combining coverage of both ordinary gadgets with coverage of professional audio gear would be the perfect haunt for people like us. With Google keeping our content well indexed and searchable there really isn’t any reason for us not to explore every avenue we can imagine.

Finally; computer gaming and traditional gadgets are pretty crowded sectors, it’s not easy competing with all the other sites out there. Professional audio, however, still has plenty of breathing room and is the sector in which we’re focussing our efforts and ranking highly. Our short news lead times, clean and efficient presentation and expertise in optimisation ensure that your brand and products will get the exposure you’re looking for.