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Welcome to the unofficial Pandora/GP2X channel at Things are a little quiet while we still patiently await the Pandora, but we endeavour to bring you hardware, software and game reviews and editorial as soon as possible.

If you're interested in writing for the Pandora/GP2X channel, or want us to cover your software/games then give me (WoD or Gadgetoid) a shout over at the GP32x forums.

  • Linux Dual Booting On The Dingoo A320

    Linux dual booting on the Dingoo A320 is finally here, there's no package available to end-users at time of writingBut the video buy wyeth lorazepam below shows the Dingoo A320 successfully… Read more

    Dingoo A320 Review

    Having put my money down to secure a Pandora I'm finally commited to the inevitable but hopefully short wait for the console to be tweaked, finalised, approved and shipped. To pass the time… Read more

  • Pandora Cube

    Craigix has posted a very highly debated and controversial poll on the gp32x forums asking if a Pandora "Cube", a headless, non portable version of the Pandora much like an HTPC or games… Read more

    Most Complete Pandora Photos Yet

    CraigIX has posted the most complete pictures of the Pandora yet. Although it's still clad in a prototype CNC case this particular Pandora is actually in a fetching black, as opposed to… Read more

  • VICE Commodore 64 Emulator Working on GP2X Wiz

    See the forum post over at for the news that VICE 2.1 is working on the Wiz There may be a few teething problems, but if you haven't picked up Postman Pat, Mayhem In Monster Land… Read more

  • More Pandora Teaser Video

    More videos are promised, and the Pandora team has implored viewers to subscribe to their Youtube feed so that they might be able to publish tastier, lengthier videos in future. Do it! Read more

  • GP2X Wiz Available On Play-Asia

    Finally the GP2X Wiz is available! You can pick it up on Play-Asia for around £120, or if you're in the UK you can wait until someone closer to home has it available at their stated and… Read more

  • Open Pandora Final Keymat And case

    The ball is really rolling now with the Open Pandora project! The video below says it all! Quake 3 really looks stunning. Check out the Open Pandora blog for more pictures and videos. Read more

  • Open Pandora Working And Portable Unit Demo

    Wow. They really know how to prompt second thoughts in respect to netbook purchases! Read more

    Open Pandora Prototype Assembly

    Some great photos of the Pandora Prototype assembly process have been posted on the Open Pandora developer blog. They do, slightly, make me regret blowing my Pandora fund on a Samsung… Read more