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    Sony SRS DB500 2.1 Speakers Review

    As much as they try to pretend otherwise with their Hi-Fi audio appearance the Sony SRS DB500 are PC speakers through and through or, at a pinch, a ridiculously over the top outlet for the… Read more

    Intempo Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Stereo bluetooth headphones are all well and good when you want to get audio out of your phone for personal listening, but what about using it as a replacement for a kitchen radio, or a bit… Read more

  • NextBase Click 7 In-Car DVD Player

    I was perusing Halfords a couple of days ago, admiring pink steering wheel covers and seat covers emblazoned with teddy bears in a thoroughly manly fashion, when the in-car DVD Player… Read more

    Cygnett Groove Fusion Earphones Review

    Before I start I should probably say that I’m not particularly a fan of earplug style earphones. I tend to find them somewhat intrusive, however I put this aside to write this… Read more

    Qstik EVOQ Bluetooth Headset Review

    You can pick up a tolerably good Bluetooth headset right now for just £9.95 and not only make yourself look like a cyborg with the daringly shaped ear-piece but connect the supplied… Read more

    Sennheiser CX550 Style II In-Ear Earphones

    Review by Rob Farley The Sennheiser CX550 Style II earphones are your typical, in-ear, noise blocking affair. These noise blocking, sound producing earplugs are loved by as many as they are… Read more

    iPhone 3G Protective DomeSkin

    Do you remember the days when interchangeable face-plates and casing on phones was all the rage? These days, everything from dinky feature phones to behemoth smart-phones flatly refuses to… Read more

    Proporta Universal Emergency Travel Charger

    I've been using the Proporta Universal Emergency Travel Charger on the odd occasion for a while now. It was a difficult device to actually test in the short run, because you don't really… Read more

    Proporta DVD/Netbook Case Reviewed

    I've thus far resisted the temptation to pick up a portable DVD player favoring, instead, a humble, hand-holdable PMP to pacify a bored, car-bound baby. I picked up the Proporta DVD/Netbook… Read more

    Griffin iPod iPhone Powerdock

    The Griffin PowerDock is one of those products that does exactly what it says on the tin in a largely unexciting but elegant way. Capable of charging either two or four iPods, be they… Read more