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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

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Most Complete Pandora Photos Yet

CraigIX has posted the most complete pictures of the Pandora yet. Although it’s still clad in a prototype CNC case this particular Pandora is actually in a fetching black, as opposed to the white stress-line-revealing getup of previous assembled units.…

More Pandora Teaser Video

More videos are promised, and the Pandora team has implored viewers to subscribe to their Youtube feed so that they might be able to publish tastier, lengthier videos in future. Do it!

Open Pandora Final Keymat And case

The ball is really rolling now with the Open Pandora project! The video below says it all! Quake 3 really looks stunning. Check out the Open Pandora blog for more pictures and videos.

Open Pandora Working And Portable Unit Demo

Wow. They really know how to prompt second thoughts in respect to netbook purchases!

Open Pandora Prototype Assembly

Some great photos of the Pandora Prototype assembly process have been posted on the Open Pandora developer blog. They do, slightly, make me regret blowing my Pandora fund on a Samsung NC10, but sitting here using OSX (albeit with no…

Quake 3 On The Pandora

As the developers themselves put it, there’s nothing that need be said here. I’ll simply add: wow.

Pandora Themed Menu

Another update from the dev-team blog at, this video shows a themed matchbox including the ability to re-size icons and font depending on just how well sighted or fat fingered you are. There’s a little bonus in the form…

Non-Functional Pandora FDM Case Assembled

The video says it all. It’s a thing of beauty and it’s certainly refreshing to see the “world’s most powerful handheld” take shape.

Final Pandora Renders

Okay, so they’re just renders, but they’re representative of the final case prototype which should arrive in one of the developer’s hands on Monday. We can then expect photos of an actual Pandora case, albeit not a finished, CNCed one.

OpenPandora Blog Updates

There have been a couple of updates to the OpenPandora blog. The first and foremost attempts to clearly explain the difficulties in getting the Pandora to market, which center around the issue with Craig’s bank account being frozen halting their…