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resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

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Dingoo Linux Improvements

Dingoo Linux is still very much in its growing phases, Booboo has a current work in progress kernel that communicates via Ethernet over USB. A massive improvement for interacting with your Dingoo A320, deploying content, using Telnet and, the holy…

Linux Dual Booting On The Dingoo A320

Linux dual booting on the Dingoo A320 is finally here, there’s no package available to end-users at time of writingBut the video below shows the Dingoo A320 successfully booting into linux when the select button is held down.

Dingoo A320 Review

Having put my money down to secure a Pandora I’m finally commited to the inevitable but hopefully short wait for the console to be tweaked, finalised, approved and shipped. To pass the time and feed my hunger for some open…