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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

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iControlPad Review

I’ve had the iControlPad, a Bluetooth game controller for the iPhone, Android phones and other devices, for some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on my classic gaming favourites. Read on for an exhaustive review of its ins…

n900 Game Gripper Review

It may not look much, but for the emulation aficionado a Game Gripper is the unprecedented and unrivalled ultimate accessory for the N900. Small enough to be easily transported around, flexible enough to be difficult to break, and laden with…

OtterBox Commuter Plastic/Rubber Case For Nokia N900 Review

Ever looked at your Nokia N900 and thought: “this just isn’t bricky enough.”? Well, OtterBox have got a solution for you in the guise of the OtterBox commuter for N900. In keeping with all of the other OtterBox cases I’ve…

Noreve Sandy Vintage Leather Case For N900 Review

It’s fitting that my first real N900 case review should also be one of the best cases I’ve ever laid my hands upon. The quality and fit demonstrated by this Noreve Sandy Vintage leather case, designed for the N900, eclipses…