Gadgetoid is based in Norwich, a historic city in Norfolk, England with an almost thousand-year-old castle at its heart. We really wish we could say we were based in that castle, but they wont let us in without a ticket. Here we have two home studios and the friendly local SoundControl at our disposal for professional audio reviews, our gadget-crammed homes for consumer electronics, and our excessive collection of games consoles on which we… well… play games.

Gadgetoid brings you a miscellany of gadget coverage that will interest, entertain and inspire any true gadget lover.

Gadetoid is all about the love of gadgets or anything, if you will, that could be considered “Gadgetoid”. Gadgetoid is a term coined to categorize objects with gadget-like traits and to give us a catchy, memorable name that will perhaps one day work its way into the OED.

Gadgetoid is managed by Philip Howard; former owner and creator of GamingHeadlines UK with many years experience in games/technology journalism. In the slowly growing team of editorial staff we have Rob Farley; a seasoned musician handling professional audio reviews and John Cranston; a hardcore gamer without whom games coverage would be naught but a pipe dream.

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We at Gadgetoid do not exclude any form of gadget from our pages, be it professional audio gear, games consoles, home cinema equipment and much more. This is a lofty goal but with modern search engines indexing our content for us, combined with our simple, straight forward presentation and internal related linking it’s no longer necessary to impose artificial restrictions on what we cover by worrying about alienating visitors with too diverse a range of coverage. Much of our traffic comes from the almighty Google and our clean presentation and quick response times ensures exceptionally good exposure for your brand. We pride ourselves in being first to the scoop and beating our competition to the top of search results.

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Currently at Gadgetoid we source our writers locally and all work is voluntary, fueled by a love of all things “Gadgetoid”. However, that’s not to say we will not consider you for a writing position if you get in touch!