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1. having the characteristics or form of a gadget;
resembling a mechanical contrivance or device.

Archive for January, 2009

Sandberg Mini Bluetooth Dongle

Be it a desktop or a laptop, this ridiculously tiny little dongle will add Bluetooth unobtrusively to your computer. It’s a great addition for any netbook or notebook that, for some reason, lacks Bluetooth and will open up the possibility…

Pandora Proto-type Battery Finished

Another step in the seemingly endless journey toward a completed Pandora console has been taken. You can head over to the developers blog for a bit of hardcore battery action… okay maybe just a single photo… or you can discuss…

Grafx2 Beta For GP2X

Fancy trying your hand at a bit of bitmap or pixel artistry on your F200? Grafx2 is a neat little application which you can grab for the GP2X here (you should see it in the featured downloads list). “[Grafx2 is]…

Dosbox Version 6 Released For GP2X

A couple of minor changes have been made to Dosbox, one of which is USB keyboard support. See the forum thread for more information. Download Binary Download Source

Eclipse TD510 Floor Speakers

The TD510 speakers sail right under my radar, alas Gadgetoid’s review coverage of Hi-Fi products hasn’t quite yet reached this premium level. Still, if you’re interested in truly astonishing and woofer-free sound for £1700 then you might be interested in…

Denon DHT-FS3 Surround SoundBar For £428.95 have the Denon DHT-FS3 available for just £429.95, down from around £600-£700. This is a great chance to pick up a stellar sound bar with a suitably impressive, powerful and compact sub-woofer which is essential where space is at…

LG’s Object AMOLED At CES 2009

It’s thin, it’s beautiful, it’s impressive… how about making it affordable? Via OLED Info

Sonim XP3 Screen Blemished (And Then Magically Fixed!)

Well, after a round of kicking the ringing Sonim XP3 down the street and laughing at the absurdity of such a possibility I decided to do a little bit more impromptu submersion testing. Rather than pour Rob a cup-o-tea I…

Sony Walkman W And X Series

Sony have announced the W series wearable Walkman for the athletically orientated, and the X series with a 3-inch OLED wide touchscreen, bluetooth, Wifi and between 4 and 16gb of storage.

Sony VAIO P Confirmed

The VAIO P series will arrive in Europe for February 2009 and is currently availably for pre-order at a staggering £849 pricing it far, far out of the league of netbooks and making it surely a revival of Sony’s classic…