Sonim XP3 Screen Blemished (And Then Magically Fixed!)

Well, after a round of kicking the ringing Sonim XP3 down the street and laughing at the absurdity of such a possibility I decided to do a little bit more impromptu submersion testing. Rather than pour Rob a cup-o-tea I poured freshly boiled water directly onto the screen cover of the XP3… the result? The boiling water made the blemishes on the screen detailed below disappear!

Clearly the exposure to heat allowed the screen to re-set in its original position, aren’t plastics fun!

This phone is nothing short of incredible, I really don’t know where to go from here.

Well it took less than a day for me to add three extremely irritating blemishes to the inside of the protective plastic over the Sonim XP3 screen.

A blunt-ish trauma from the corner of a wooden desk is all it took, whilst demonstrating the ruggedness of the screen to prove that it’s not a weak point.

The outside of the plastic is completely unharmed, but inside the surface has been stretched and distorted causing cloudy white marks which appear brown when the screen is on.

The screen itself is, of course, still perfectly unharmed and the phone is fully functional, the plastic coating has no discernible damage to the outside and is completely smooth to the touch.

I think this sort of knock to a screen isn’t entirely unlikely but would, of course, be covered by Sonim’s 3-year, unconditional guarantee. And is probably the least of your worries once you have a paint and cement encrusted phone on your hands.

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