Another Crazy Idea: The Flexi Velcro-lined Bag

Whilst admiring the comparative flexibility of the Proporta Gadget Bag in preparation for my review, I came up with the idea of an even more flexible, potentially ground-breaking, yet surprisingly simple bag.

The idea is to have a single fold-in-half bag, available in an array of sizes and styles, which is lined with the sticky half of velcro inside and on both sides. You could then purchase an array of custom-fit or generic sized pouches for every single one of your gadgets and affix them inside the bag.

“Flexi” bags could come in all sorts of styles, shapes, sizes and could include plastic hard-casing, external pockets and different styles of strap. They could also zip up, clamp shut or provide locking mechanisms for extra security. The one thing they would never need is internal pouches. If you want to upgrade your bag you simply keep all of your velcro gadget pouches and affix them inside the new bag.

The same goes if you need a smaller bag for a short trip, or a larger bag for a hefty laptop. Just buy the bag, affix all your gadget pouches and away you go.

If you buy a new gadget, simply buy a new pouch! If you want to remove a gadget pouch from the bag and pop it in your pocket… well, you can!

I can’t find anything like this online, I would jump at reviewing one if such a thing exists. Thus I’ve created this post and the attached but somewhat rough image/concept to document my “invention” and put it out there so that, hopefully, an experienced maker of bags and pouches can develop it to fruition.

There’s an opportunity in here for everyone if the flexi-bag could become an open standard. All you need to do is affix velcro to the back of a pouch to make it compatible, cheap and simple!

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