Toying With The Neverlate Alarm Clock

I’ve had the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock sitting around for a while now pending a review. Now that I’ve had time to tinker with it and discover that all the features I could think of that I wanted bar one are available, my suspicions that it would be a surprisingly good piece of kit have been confirmed. One of my most welcomed features is the ability to have the backlight turn completely off when the Neverlate is not being used- the pulsating sleep light of the MacBook Pro is enough eerie night-time light for me, thanks.

The one feature that seems to be missing is the ability to press a single button to preview the volume level and buzzer sound of the alarm you’re currently setting. This seems like such an obvious feature that I’m still convinced I’ve missed it and that it’s in there somewhere. We’ll see.

Instead of setting an alarm for a minute from now several times over to experiment with volume levels and buzzer types I’ve simply set up a handful of successive alarms to surprise me in the morning. Unfortunately, volume level can only be set once for all alarms but I don’t think I’m going to lose any sleep over that.

Look out for the full review soon! First impressions are definitely good… the thing has 21 bloomin’ individual alarms, how many products can say that!?

The radio sounds good too, the ability to listen to it via headphones could be useful, and the phone-charging USB port in the back… well… bonus!

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