Quotes From Audio FX Pro 5.1 Headset Box

The latest gaming audio wonder to hit the desks at Gadgetoid is the eDimensional Audio FX Pro 5.1 headset, co-designed by Benjamin J Heckendorn… possibly the geekiest looking person ever to appear on a product box.

Memorable quotes from the box include (no, I’m not kidding… really):

“blocks external noises such as people pestering you to stop playing games.”

“include[s] a microphone that stays out of the way of incoming chip dip and pizza”

And, finally:

“a nice long cord to give you mobility should a drink be slightly out of reach”

All of the quotes above came verbatim from the back of the box. I’m really not kidding. The audio quality of the headset, as far as first impressions are concerned, is certainly up to scratch but the styling and build quality has utterly missed the mark… that said, if the intention was to create something that Ben might have built in his bedroom from bits of old games console then they’re spot on.

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