JoyTech Trilink Switcher

The JoyTech Trilink Switcher will turn 1 HDMI port into three. Obviously you’re not going to watch them all simultanously but the JoyTech Trilink Switcher will let you easily switch between one of three HDMI devices using the included remote.

There’s no mention that this particular HDMI switcher will switch automatically based on what source is sending a signal, sadly.

The JoyTech Trilink Switcher does, however, include a “magic eye” IR reciever extender that lets you hide the whole set up out of the way without running into reception problems with the IR remote.


  • Connect multiple HDMI signal sources to one HDMI input on TV or display
  • Easily switch between three HDMI devices
  • Support full High Definition resolutions up to 1080p
  • Three HDCP compliant HDMI 1.3 inputs provide a pure digital connection
  • Remote Control included

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