Steinberg CC121 Advanced Integration Controller

At Musikmesse 2008, Frankfurt, Germany Steinberg Media Technologies has demonstrated a technical preview of their new CC121 Advanced Integration Controller. Offering dedicated, maximum-quality, hardware controllers and a flexible new controller concept the CC121 will provide full Cubase 4 integration and control, support Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX, and will be available in Q3 of 2008.

Pricing and a more precise release date have yet to be confirmed but the CC121 promises a fast and intuitive Cubase experience. See over the fold for a little more information.

The CC121 feature set includes:

  • Ultra-precision Advanced Integration controller knob with ‘point and control’ support: controls any visual Cubase 4
    parameter, internal FX setting or VSTi parameter using mouse pointer selection
  • Instant plug and play with ‘Cubase Ready’ LED – no additional setup or parameter assigning required
  • One motorized 100mm touch-sensitive fader
  • Dedicated control of Cubase channel settings including solo/mute, record arm, ‘e’ settings button, automation read/write,
    pan and VSTi editor
  • Full Cubase EQ section in hardware with 12 dedicated rotary encoders, with mode selection and bypass switches
  • User-assignable section with Cubase-integrated presets for Control Room studio sends and monitoring setup.

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