Boston Acoustics Duo-i iPod Dock

The portable audio market is crammed with iPod accessories in all shapes and sizes, the iPod dock is no exception to this. It seems every major and minor consumer audio hardware manufacturer has their offering, from TerraTec to Griffin, Belkin to Klipsch and then some.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of these iPod docks are either cheap rubbish or hugely over-priced rubbish. Neither of which do your music collection the justice is deserves.

Boston Acoustics, recognised as a high end manufacturer of audio equipment, has brought their own iPod dock solution to market in the form of the Duo-i.

Boasting two 3.5 inch drive units in ported individual enclosures the Duo-i boasts clean sound at all levels and uses Hi-fi quality components to ensure this. An FM tuner is also built in for when you get bored of your music, this can also be used in conjunction with the dual alarms.

The Duo-i will play from and charge all iPods bar shuffles, it supports the iPod classic and iPhone and even has a generous 2 Auxiliary inputs for connecting other players.

Standard Black and White cabinets are available with matching grilles and if this wasn’t enough you can also pick up a selection of optional grilles available in Red, Light Blue, Pink or Light Green for a personal touch.

The Boston Acoustics Duo-i iPod Dock will set you back £169.99, that’s just a shade more expensive than the headphones I use for iPod listening so if you’re serious about sound it’s a bargain.


  • Intuitive 3 Knob User Interface
  • Large clear high-contrast LCD display
  • Variable Backlight automatically adjusts for Dim Environments
  • Easy-Set Dual Alarms with radio and buzzer options
  • Unique Snooze Ring activates Snooze by
    touching anywhere around the front grille
  • Time and settings are saved even in a power cut
  • Uses Apple Universal iPod Dock inserts
  • 10 FM and 5 AM station presets
  • 2 Auxiliary inputs for connecting additional media players
  • BassTrac® Variable Bass Boost for full sound at low volumes
  • Front mounted 3.5mm sockets for MP3 in, Headphone out
  • Rear Mounted Line Level RCA Phono Input and Outputs
  • Composite Video Output
  • Magnetised card remote for system and iPod control
    store on unit or stick on fridge etc.
  • Heavyweight curved moulded self-damping cabinet
  • Extensive internal baffling and reinforcement
  • Moulded soft-touch rubber control knobs
  • Soft-touch finish with colour-coordinated rubber trim
  • Unique Interchangeable Metal Perforated Grille in 4 colours
  • Cabinet colours are Midnight Black and Mist Cream White

Unique 360 degree Sn-o-o-o-ze Bar

The entire front aluminium trim of the Duo is a touch-sensitive
snooze bar, which lets users snooze the alarm by simply touching
any part of the aluminium trim!

Boston Acoustics BassTrac®

Boston’s patent-pending circuit minimises distortion in amplified
products like subwoofers and table radios. Since these products
are ‘closed’ systems (an amplifier with a dedicated speaker), the
engineers know what the entire system is capable of doing.

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