New BRAVIA Theatre systems from Sony

Dubbed the “DAV-DZ BRAVIA” range of home cinema systems these new one-box systems are designed to compliment the latest BRAVIA televisions and, as a Bravia ownr telling from the pictures alone, they appear to do the job. The DAV-DZ260, DZ560, DZ660 and DZ860w all replicate the black and silver trimmed design aesthetic of my Bravia W series.

If you were wondering what the “w” is for in DZ860w, Sony have added wireless rear speakers driven by their S-AIR wireless technology, this is great news for people who don’t want to rip up carpets to conceal cables.

The features include:

  • Bravia Sync support, for easy operating all of your Bravia equipment with a single remote, including the whole system going into standby mode when you turn off your TV.
  • Digital Cinema Auto Calibration to give you a perfect set-up using a supplied microphone to measure the position of speakers and listeners to calibrate the sound for your room.
  • Dialogue Enhancer to boost dialogue volume levels in a “Night Mode” that eliminates the need for excessively high volumes to get clear speech.
  • Digital Media Port allowing you to connect a variety of pocket media players, mobile phones or computers enabling music to be played through the system.
  • 1080p HDMI upscaling to make those DVDs look as good as possible before Blu-ray (or direct downloads) steal the crown.
  • USB playing and record that allows you to play music from USB memory devices and ‘rip’ music from CDs to the very same devices.

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