Numark Computer DJ In A Box

For the aspiring, mobile and professional computer DJs Numark have got three potential solutions for you. Total, Mobile and Professional. These are all, if the “in a box” didn’t give you a clue, one box DJ solutions that eliminate the need to choose software, a controller, an audio interface and headphones.

For the beginner DJ Total Computer DJ in a Box bundles the Total Control tabletop DJ software controller with CUE DJ software, DJ|iO audio interface and HF-125 DJ headphones in addition to Native Instruments’ Tracktor LE.

Mobile Computer DJ in a Box is perfect for the mobile DJ featuring Numark’s flagship controller, which offers a range of looping and cueing options, fader buttons with automatic cross-fade, key-lock and more. Alongside the DMC2 Professional rack-mount DJ software controller comes CUE DJ software, the DJ|iO audio interface and a set of PHX DJ headphones.

Finally, the Professional Computer DJ in a Box contains the very best components to transform your computer into a powerhouse DJ workstation. It has the same contents as the Mobile Computer DJ in a Box swapping out the audio interface for a CM200 USB 5-channel Pro DJ Mixer with a USB interface.

All three bundles are Mac OS X and Windows compatible and come with all the necessary cables and software to get you set up and DJing within minutes of opening the box.

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