Return of the IXOS Disco Cube

The perfect Christmas accessory for your iPod-owning hyperactive siblings, the IXOS DIsco Cube, has returned with a vengeance. Last year it sported the lofty price tag of £75 and was available only in Debenhams. This year it’s trimmed that down to a slightly more reasonably £60 and is available at PC World and John Lewis.

See over the fold for specifications.

  • Flashes LEDs to the rhythm of the music
  • Illumination on/off switch
  • Electronic volume control
  • Synchronises iPod with PC/Mac using iPod lead
  • Charges iPod from mains power supply
  • Compatible with 3G to 6G iPod range
    (30 pin connection with supplied adaptors)
  • Compatible with iPod Nano and FAT Nano
  • Compatible with other MP3 devices (3.5mm jack input)
  • Side firing speakers for spacious sound – 2 x 2.5 watts
  • 1 x 3W Subwoofer for enhanced bass response
  • Frequency response:
    Satellites 180Hz to 18kHz
    Subwoofer 50Hz – 200Hz