Magic The Gathering 2014 Expansion Xbox 360 Review

The 2014 expansion is here, with new playable decks, head-scratching challenges, campaigns and unlocks. Here’s a run down of what to expect:

New features

  • Five New Playable Decks

    • Unlock 280 unique cards over multiple battles.

  • New Campaign Levels

    • Battle through six new single-player campaign levels, exploring the planes of Ravnica and Kamigawa.

  • Five New Challenges

    • Fiendish puzzles to test strategic thinking.

  • Unlock Items

    • Unlock new persona portraits, achievements and trophies, and more.


Playable decks

Lord of Darkness (Black)

This deck theme is based around demons, although very powerful, demons often have a drawback, such as they deal the controler damage or making the controller sacrifice creatures, take [mtg_card]Lord of the Pit[/mtg_card] for example. These drawbacks make casting them a little cheaper but causes the controller to make some tough decisions when strategizing.

The tough decisions don’t stop at demons with this deck, the other part of the decks overall strategy is card advantage, meaning that you have more cards than your opponent thus giving you more options… but this comes at a price [mtg_card]Harrowing Journey[/mtg_card] for example.

This deck is weak to start until some of the other cards are unlocked, but a fun deck overall.


Sword of the Samurai (White/Red)
Heavily using the boshido ability

If you like Samurai warriors this is the deck for you! A good demonstration of some cards available in the Kamigawa block but although this deck is quite good, the overall deck mechanic (largely down to the bushido ability) is pretty dull but a consistently powerful deck nonetheless.

Dodge and Burn (Red/Blue)

Control and burn, this is sure to infuriate your human opponents by messing up their strategies with some blue control and then hitting them with some devastating damage with the likes of [mtg_card]Volcanic Fallout[/mtg_card].


Hall of Champions (White/Green/Blue)

This is another deck buy lorazepam online canada based around the “exalted” ability, lets face it exalted is pretty boring but this deck tries to accompany the “attack with the same 1 creature every turn mechanic” by adding some tech cards into the mix such as

[mtg_card]Privileged Position[/mtg_card]


[mtg_card]Dauntless Escort[/mtg_card]

Which will keep you and your super powerful creature safe from harm and cause much frustration for your opponent.


Sylvan Might (Green)

This is a powerful tribal elf deck, if you don’t work hard to try and keep the number of elf’s down you will soon find yourself utterly overwhelmed by a ridiculous number of ridiculously powerful creatures thanks to the likes of [mtg_card]Coat of Arms[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Beastmaster Ascension[/mtg_card].


“Nezumi Swarm” is the first encounter you face in the expansion campaign.

This is a great encounter featuring a myriad of rats, not forgetting [mtg_card]Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni[/mtg_card] a rat ninja, let me say that again “RAT”, “NINJA”.

This encounter is the first time that the ability “Ninjitsu” has been seen in any of the duels of the plainswalkers games, allowing a creature that is attacking and unblocked to be exchanged with a Ninja in the controlling player’s hand.

This encounter has some excellent cards the only bad thing about it is it’s just an encounter and it would of been great to have a playable deck based around it.


Its always great to see what crazy brain melting challenges the games developers come up with and the challenges in the expansion are no exception. They range from “Huh, that was clever” to “OMG!! I have tried everything, mah brain is gonna spode!”. Challenges never fail to display some of the complexity magic the gathering offers, you thought you knew it all until you play them.