Salvation 9 Indoor Remote Control Helicopter

Admit it, you love remote control toys. No matter how old I get I still jump at the chance to play with anything that runs on batteries, makes lots of noise and probably shouldn’t really be used indoors.

The Salvation 9 would be no exception, only recently I got my hands upon a polystyrene-bodied Infra-red controlled helicopter for about £20 that was impossible to control and even more impossible not to break. The Salvation 9 is bigger, boasts more precise control and certainly looks the part. Of course it’s also a shade more expensive at about buy ativan overnight delivery £40 but it’s still not bad for something that promises to be so much fun.

Down to the nitty-gritty, the Salvation 9 boasts 8-10 minutes of flight from a single charge and recharges in under an hour. It’s a brief burst of fun, but that’s not unusual with electric RC ‘copters. You can fly it up to 30 meters range, if your living room is big enough or you’re brave enough to take it outside, and should be able to achieve controlled turns, stable hovering and maybe even some fancy ariel maneuvers with practise.


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