Sony GIGA JUKE Hard Disk Hi-Fi Systems

Godawful name aside, the GIGA DUKE hard-disk-drive based Hi-Fi offerings from Sony are actually quite attractive, at least as much as something rendered almost entirely obsolete by modern hard-disk based mp3 players and good quality speaker docks can be.

The GIGA DUKE systems are designed to archive and play back your music collection without the need for a PC, the NAS-SC55PKE system supports up to 16x CD ripping, copying to mp3 players, mobile phones and the PSP and streaming audio to any room in your house. The lesser NAS-E35HD will rip at 4x and also transfer tracks to mp3 players and mobile phones.

Both systems come with an iPod dock and will record audio from a variety of other sources automatically labelling it with track information where possible.


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